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Chapter Co-Leader

Denise Doss


Chapter Co-Leader

Cathy Merritt



“Long Term Benefits of Early Nutrition in Preterm Infants”

Sponsored by Abbott Nutrition

October 24th,2019 @ 5:30 pm

Crown Sterling Restaurant

6120 Fort Ave, Lynchburg VA

Please RSVP to Denise by October 16


(RSVP Required to Attend)


South Central Chapter

Community Service Project


For our chapter community service project, we are having a shower for the infant bereavement services at the different facilities for which our members work.

No matter where you work, donate items that can used for mementos when a family experiences an infant loss. All donations will remain at the hospital where the items are received. Just designate a drop off site, collect throughout the month of July, and present the items to your bereavement coordinator.

These services are a blessing to the family members that have a loss, so let’s ensure that the necessary supplies are available. Please contact either co-Leader with any questions, and thank you in advance for supporting this project. 

Download and Print a Flyer for Display and Distribution



Donate items that can be used for your hospital’s infant bereavement services.


Scrapbooking Paper







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